Why You Need Your Evac Chair Serviced

Why You Need Your Evac Chair Serviced

An escape chair is an integral piece of equipment in any commercial setting. While the responsibility for removing wheelchair users from buildings in the event of an emergency was previously thought to be the responsibility of the fire service, the real responsibility lies with the property manager. An evac chair can be used to quickly and easily remove persons using wheelchairs from a building, even if the only escape route is a flight of stairs. Like any equipment, it is important for evac chairs to be serviced regularly, to maintain their safety and reliability. Click here to enable the notifications for evac chair details here.

One company specializes in providing commercial and domestic customers with evacuation chairs and access products for the disability. In addition to the products that can be viewed on the website, both those who have purchased evacuation chairs through them and other retailers are also offering maintenance and servicing.

Annual checks to ensure they are safe for use in an emergency are a legal requirement for all evac chairs to undergo. The business will manage annual maintenance plans and machinery reviews for their facilities, making it even easier for businesses to meet the required requirements. They will always contact customers 2-4 weeks before their service, so they can arrange a visit.

At a given time, a member of their qualified team will visit the premises and complete an on-site service. This means businesses need not worry about arranging a replacement chair while servicing theirs. The check consists of a 25-point service, which will be stamped safe for use once the equipment is complete.

The company is contractor authorized by Chas, which means businesses can rest assured they will receive a professional service. The company can also provide risk assessments, statements about methods and repairs wherever necessary.

Information on the evac chair services offered by this company and some of the products they have available for purchase can be viewed on their website. It really couldn’t be easier to schedule a service, simply fill out their contact form online and plan for a member of their staff to call you back.