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Home Remodeling Contractor Finds the Perfect Client

The other day I was talking to another remodeling contractor and they were telling me a story about someone they were working for. I couldn’t believe my ears as the contractor continued telling me nothing but good news about this client and what a wonderful time he had working for her. Click CNY Construction.

He told me that he almost felt like Santa Claus. Every day this woman would have different cookies or pastries laid out for him and his workers. She would also put together an assortment of drinks in a rather large cooler with plenty of ice to keep the drinks cold.

I said,” You got to be kidding me. I have had someone offer me drinks before, but this is amazing.” I really couldn’t believe some of the stuff that this other contractor was talking about, when it donned on me that maybe he was making some of this stuff up.

I started to stop paying attention to some of the stuff that he was saying, because it started to sound like nonsense. He was actually describing the ideal client or the perfect customer for any contractor to work with. This woman wasn’t extremely wealthy and was only having a room addition put on the back of her home.

The contractor proceeded to tell me that the woman also, gave each worker a gift certificate to take their family out to dinner at a rather nice restaurant, bought them lunch every Friday, cleaned the job up after they had left and even let one of the remodeling workers bring their family over to use the swimming pool and provided them with a nice Italian dinner.

I really couldn’t believe my ears, but I eventually met this woman in person. I continued to tell the other contractor that I didn’t believe his story, so he offered to take me to her home and meet her in person.

This woman verified everything that my friend had told me and I told her that she was every home remodeling contractors dream client. She was a wonderful person and it was a wonderful privilege for me to meet her.