Main Points Related To Bicycles And Cycles

Main Points Related To Bicycles And Cycles

Cycling is the longest segment of any triathlon, whether you count miles or duration. Cycling is the easiest of the three legs in which to make up for weaknesses in the other two legs. Many people start considering triathlons because of their strength as runners and then focus on becoming more proficient swimmers during training. The idea is that we all know how to ride a bike; and a little cycling training is enough to get through the race. This is simply not true. Click here to enable the notifications for bicycles and cycles details here.

This is the only segment in a triathlon that has equipment. It is vital that you are riding a cycle that fits, that you know your equipment, that you are comfortable riding with others, and know that your cycling program has prepared you for the cycling segment.

The Bike

Make sure the bike you chose to ride for twelve or more miles is the right cycle for you. It must physically fit your body dimensions, your needs, and your budget.

Go to a reputable cycle store in your area and allow the experts to fit you. Sales people in a trustworthy bike store usually ride and know how to find the right bike for the person. This fitting can be as easy or as complicated as you want. The extreme end of fitting is having a cycle custom made for you. For many, the realistic option is determining which prefabricated cycle is right for your body and is available.

Do you need a road, mountain, or hybrid cycle? Usually a triathlon is completed on roads. Make sure you know if yours is a road or trail race. The tires and frames may be different depending on your needs.

The Workout

A cycling workout will get you comfortable with your cycle, among other things. You should know how to balance, change gears easily, understand when to change gears, be comfortable riding in a pack, and know that finishing this segment will be a breeze.

First, just make sure you have practiced on short rides and get used to your bike. You may find that you want a padded seat. Changing gears, going up hills, and passing people should be easy; at least from a technical standpoint.

Once you have these basics, you can begin working on your training program. This is different from the workout in that it has a purpose. Working out is expending energy. Training programs are designed with a goal in mind. Goals may vary, but you will have one. Whether it is to complete the cycling segment, shave 10% off your last time, or finish ahead of your training partner you will be working toward something specific.