Best Hen Party Ideas

Best Hen Party Ideas

A hen party is a traditional party hosted by the maid of honour for the bride before she marries the man of her dreams. These parties are meant to be the last night a woman can have some fun before she is married, be naughty. Today, it’s a night where the girls can go out together and have some innocent fun, have a laugh and just enjoy themselves.

One of the most common hen party ideas is male strippers. Male strippers are fun, they have a laugh and they get help the girls relax and enjoy themselves. Male strippers are not something that is dirty, but they give the impression of leading the bride to be away. They will focus on her, get her to take part all with the focus of fun. why not try these out

Bollywood dancing has become a great hen party idea that gets the girls moving and having fun. With a glass of champagne in hand, girls can learn some of the most common Bollywood dances, along with costumes for added fun and entertainment.

Burlesque is another of the hen party ideas which is growing in popularity. Burlesque is a sexy form of dancing, very similar to belly dancing, where girls will learn how to gyrate and dance to please their man. This is often chosen to teach the bride how to spoil her man and show him what she is made of.

Cheeky butlers are a delight for any hen party and are guaranteed to make an impression. Cheeky butlers tend to me men dressed only in a small bar apron that will provide the girls with drinks and snacks, meeting their demands, whether it’s to help the bride sit down, bring her a drink or massage her feet.

One of the best hen party ideas is teaching the girls how to make chocolate. Chocolate making courses are fun, they teach the girls a new skill and provide them with a delight that most women love, which is making and tasting various chocolate, making their own creations and having the ability to use this new knowledge when they get home.

Cocktail making is another of the top choices, teaching the girls a new skills, letting them make their own creations and then giving them the opportunity to taste the different cocktails and identify which ones they prefer. This can be made into a competition, it can also be used to come up with a signature cocktail for the wedding day.

Consider a dance class if you are arranging a hen party. A dance class can have everyone involved, whether it is to learn how to tango, how to dirty dance or how to do the waltz for the special day. Every girl will have so much fun and love the experience of learning various dances which they can use in the future.

Now if you are really looking for something that is entertaining and a little naughty, then consider life drawings for your hen party ideas. Life drawings will involve a naked man and the girls all have to draw him. This is guaranteed to delight all the girls in the group, including the bride to be.

Pole dancing has become a very popular sport. Pole dancing always used to be something that was seen in strip clubs, but over the years it has become a form of exercise. The girls can learn how to pole dance, which is something that they may want to take up instead of heading to the gym.

The final hen party idea is a wine tasting experience. Visiting different estates, trying different wines and having a decadent afternoon.